Therapy Chair that Adjusts to Every Body!

Are your patients completely comfortable in your Therapy Chair / Bench during a session … or do they leave with a kink in their neck?

Have you been able to find the perfect therapy chair that meets ALL your patients comfort needs?

Do you wish you had something that looked less like living room furniture but was still warm and inviting?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions we invite you to check out the Butterfly Settee Therapy Chair! The therapy chair / bench style design is adjustable on both ends so it can adapt to every body’s personal comfort needs. Simply hand the remote control device to your patient and let them adjust it until they are perfectly comfortable. With the Butterfly Settee your patient can relax and focus on the session. You will be so thrilled with the Butterfly Settee’s style, quality and versatility … you might even want one for home!

The Butterfly Settee Therapy Chair is a piece of Fine Furniture so Versatile it’s a Pleasure to Own!

In it’s native state the Butterfly Settee Therapy Chair appears as a hand crafted solid wood bench, which it is. One touch of the remote control and turn it into the perfect lounge chair. Prefer your feet slightly elevated … no problem, just use the remote to elevate the other end. You control the height of both ends effortlessly with the remote control. 

Built to Last

The exterior case is made of solid Alder, with a grain similar to cherry wood and is powered by Limoss heavy duty motors, commonly used in lift chairs and hospital beds, for smooth and quiet operation.


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butterfly-settee-made-usaWe Are Proud to say "Made in the USA"!

The Butterfly Settee is built for durability during long hours of your therapy or maybe passionate sex too. We built from the ground up right here in the United States of America.  You will love the solid wood construction and attention to detail.


butterfly-settee-closeupOUR SEX CHAIR CONSTRUCTION:

The exterior is made of Alder, which has a beautiful straight grain with a medium density similar to other woods such as Cherry.  The interior supports are constructed of Oak, which adds strength and durability.  All upholstered components are constructed using furniture grade plywood for strength and longevity


MECHANICAL COMPONENTS:  Adjustable ends is powered by Limoss heavy duty motors, commonly found in lift chairs and hospital beds, for quiet and smooth operation.


DIMENSIONS: 68'' Length x 19 1'2''  Deep, 19 12'' Tall, Adjust to 32'' Tall








Free Delivery available in the USA, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico. Your Butterfly Settee weights approximately 175 lbs and shipping via Common Carrier with curbside service. The curbside drivers do not enter the home, be sure you have help bringing it inside.

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