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Versatile and Pleasurable

The Butterfly Settee name symbolizes it’s ability to transform into so many different uses. From the use of a simple room divider to the bench at the foot of a bed or as a multi-position love making sex chair, it can do it all.

You can raise it up on one end and this sex chair can transition into a lounger. If you raise both ends up it can quickly transform this furniture from a therapy chair to the perfect reading chair. The Butterfly Settee Multi Position Kamasutra Sex Chair has a six button remote control which offer endless possibilities for you and your partner.

As for pleasure … Butterfly Settee Multi Position Kamasutra Sex Chair is the ultimate Kamasutra Sex Chair! It was designed to enhance intimacy with your partner. There are many Kamasutra style sofas on the market, but what do you do with them when they are not in use? How do you explain this very unusual chair or sofa to your in-laws, parents or children?

With the Butterfly Settee Multi Position Kamasutra Sex Chair, you get a quality piece of fine furniture that is functional in many rooms of your home not to mention it is the most versatile and discrete Kamasutra sex chairs on the market. Invent your own ideas for this remarkable piece of furniture or take the challenge to try all 245 Kamasutra positions with this chair. You’ll soon see why we say it is a pleasure to own the Butterfly Settee in more ways than one.

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