The Butterfly Settee Sex Chair…

it’s time to experience it!

Do you like having sex?

Are you craving intimate contact?

Do you enjoy making love regularly?

Does your lover want to be adventurous with new sexual positions?

We believe everyone deserves to have a quality sex life. No matter whether you’re a gymnast or you have debilitating injuries, the Butterfly Settee Sex Chair is for you!

We all know there are several sex chairs on the market. But did you know, most have only a fixed position with a similar design? You can get some sex chairs that are attractive as well as fine crafted sex chairs. We know there are alot of others that are gaudy looking sex chairs. But the worse are the ones that are inflatable and cheaply made.  Honestly, we don’t realy consider a big balloon styled product to be equal to our quality sex chair.

The main issue is where do you store / hide them? Sex toys are quite embarrassing when they are not hidden well.  Why buy a sex toy that is cumbersome to store discreetly? Of course you want a healthy sex life but you don’t need friends, family, or your children seeing your intimate items.

Do you really what to have an awkward conversation with your in-laws?


Get a fun to use Sex Toy that You Do Not Need to Hide!

Our goal is to create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture you will be glad to display with the added benefit of being one of the most advance sex chairs on the market.  The Butter Settee Sex Chair is meant for daily use as a dressing bench at the foot of a bed, a window seat, or as a backless settee in the middle of a room, and can be used as a chaise lounge or reading chair, however when needed it morphs into the ultimate multi-position sex chair.  This sex chair can be used for kamasutra sex positions…did you know there are over hundreds kama sutra sexual positions you and your lover(s) can try? It can help you achieve the best position, the best sensation, and the best angle for maximizing enjoyment for you and your lover.

You are only limited by your own imagination if you want to make up a few of your own sex chair positions. So, get ready for better sex.

We believe the Butterfly Settee Sex Chair is great for everyone. Did you know, our sex chair can be an aid for persons with back issues, hip problems, or knee injuries. Plus you can avoid common sex injuries with using our sex chairs.  No more ‘Carpet Burn’… I mean, you kind of know it’s happening when it’s happening. So I don’t know if any advice I offer on this other then getting our sex chair because it is going to be worth anyone’s while.

Now experience “The Butterfly Settee” sex chair today and see the difference for yourself.

Buy the Butterfly Settee Today, FREE Shipping

Enhance Love Making with a Sex Chair!

When it is time to have sex – the Butterfly Settee becomes practically limitless.  The Settee’s namesake is actually a love making position that you can achieve effortlessly using our sex chair (i.e. Settee).

So what is the Settee?

It is the butterfly position where the woman is on her back and her hips on the edge of our sex chair.  Please be aware our settee that can support you at any angle. Now, the man penetrates her while standing. She then puts her legs over his shoulders and tilts her hips slightly upwards. This gives a wonderful angle for cervical stimulation with deep penetration that can produce some intense vaginal and uterine orgasms. With more shallow penetration, a man can stimulate the anterior vaginal wall to hit the G-spot. This of course is a variation of “ankles up” and several other male standing type positions.

Plus the Butterfly Settee Sex Chair allows you total control to experiment! Try out any angle / height that gives you and your lover(s) maximum enjoyment. Get adventurous with the “doggie style” position! You can take on new heights because the Butterfly Settee can support your partner in any position.  This will allow you and your partner to focus all your energy on mutual enjoyment.   

This sex chair will help you with some mind blowing oral sex too.

The multi-function settee also creates the ultimate oral sex experience for you to enjoy.  Here are a few oral sex positions we recommend…

So Good – Set the Sex Chair to the couch position.  Have your guy lay upside down on the couch, with his head and back on the seat on the Sette. Have his legs be at the top of the Settee. Kneel over his face and get to work on an amazing new 69 position made possible by the Butter Settee!

The Spiderman – Give your sex partner a view while giving him a bj.  Lay on your back and raise the settee up to his waist line.  Make certain your head is hanging off the edge. Direct your sex partner to stand behind you so you can enjoy him upside in your mouth.  Bonus, he is in a prime position to play with your nibbles and clit if desired.

The Cliffhanger – First sit on the edge of the Butter Settee.  Lay back with your legs over the edge.  Direct him to kneel between your legs, angle his head with your free hands giving him direct access to your clitoris. This one leaves your extra hand free to focus on your nibbles.

Now order your sex chair and experiment anytime you want to find the right angle for you!

butterfly-settee-made-usaWe Are Proud to say "Made in the USA"!

The Butterfly Settee is built for durability during long hours of your therapy or maybe passionate sex too. We built from the ground up right here in the United States of America.  You will love the solid wood construction and attention to detail.


butterfly-settee-closeupOUR SEX CHAIR CONSTRUCTION:

The exterior is made of Alder, which has a beautiful straight grain with a medium density similar to other woods such as Cherry.  The interior supports are constructed of Oak, which adds strength and durability.  All upholstered components are constructed using furniture grade plywood for strength and longevity


MECHANICAL COMPONENTS:  Adjustable ends is powered by Limoss heavy duty motors, commonly found in lift chairs and hospital beds, for quiet and smooth operation.


DIMENSIONS: 68'' Length x 19 1'2''  Deep, 19 12'' Tall, Adjust to 32'' Tall








Free Delivery available in the USA, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico. Your Butterfly Settee weights approximately 175 lbs and shipping via Common Carrier with curbside service. The curbside drivers do not enter the home, be sure you have help bringing it inside.

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