Get ready for better sex.  With our patented multi-position design the settee is great for everyone and can be an aid for individuals with back issues, hip problems, knee injuries, while helping you and your partner achieve the best angle and position for maximum enjoyment. We believe everyone deserves a quality sex life.  No matter what your abilities are, whether you’re a world class gymnast or have debilitating injuries, we all crave and need intimate contact.  For persons with disabilities fatigue can be a major concern. Our bench can help with that issue by providing maximum support for almost any angle for you and your partner with just the touch of a button.

We encourage you to explore new positions, however be aware of your own physical limitations and consult with your doctor before taking on physical challenges that may conflict with your current health conditions or medications. As with any furniture that has moving components; extreme care must be taken not to have any part of your body between the moving parts.  Serious injury can occur.  We are not liable for any harm or injury that may result or has resulted from the improper use of our product.