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Imagine Fine Furniture that is so versatile it’s a pleasure to own… in more ways than one!

Introducing the Butterfly Settee! The next innovation in home décor offering the utmost quality and versatility. The casework of this elegant bench is proudly handcrafted in America. The sex chair is made from American hardwoods such as alder, maple, and oak. The exterior wood is beautifully stained using General Finishes award-winning products. This is an industry leader in eco-friendly wood finishing. The upholstery is embossed faux leather which resembles the luxurious look of Ostrich.  The faux leather is pleasing to the touch and extremely easy to care for. You will love the look and feel of the ostrich texture, plus the added benefits of durability and animal-friendly material.  Get it today… Butterfly Settee Multi Position Kamasutra Sex Chair Perfect for Couples

The Butterfly Settee Difference

We believe everyone deserves a quality sex life. No matter what your abilities are, whether you’re a gymnast or have debilitating injuries, we all crave and need intimate contact.

There are several sex sofas on the market, most with a fixed position and a similar design. Some are finely crafted and attractive, others are cheaply made and gaudy looking, you can even find ones that are inflatable. The main issue is where to store or hide them? They can be quite cumbersome and embarrassing. Everyone wants a good love life but no one needs their friends, in-laws, or children seeing their intimate items. The Butterfly Settee is meant for daily use as a dressing bench at the foot of a bed, a window seat, or as a backless settee in the middle of a room, and can be used as a chaise lounge or reading chair, however, when needed it morphs into the ultimate multi-position sex sofa.

Our goal is to create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture you will be glad to display with the added benefit of being one of the most advanced sex sofas on the market.

You are only limited by your own imagination. Get ready for better sex. The Butterfly Settee is great for everyone and can be an aid for persons with back issues, hip problems, knee injuries while helping you and your partner achieve the best angle and position for maximum enjoyment.

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