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Sometimes the modern day open plan is too open. Often you are left with a space too big to be intimate or cozy. Large family rooms and living rooms sometimes need to bring down to size with some clever decorating.

One easy and cost-effective way can be to paint the space. A faux wainscot treatment done in paint or accent walls will cut up space and make it feel more comfortable. Bringing the outside in is always a good idea. Large strategically placed tall plants can sever as a divider and bring life into the space. A freestanding screen can work as a good divider to create separate conversational areas or to block an undesirable view. Don’t be afraid to bring a sofa away from the walls, it will help define the area, especially if you use a console table behind it for height and lighting opportunities. Speaking of bringing seating away from the walls; another good trick for conversational space and seating is to use a large ottoman in place of a coffee table.

Probably one of the easiest ways to break up an area into a comfortable conversational space is the use of backless furniture. Stools or anything without a back could be used in front of a fireplace. It will add seating without blocking the view. A daybed, settee, lounge, or anything backless can be used to distinguish two comfortable seating areas, without completely blocking each other. Of course, we believe our Butterfly Settee is a great solution for some of these challenging spaces. | (386) 232-5769 | | | |

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